Shopping in the Barn

One of the services we provide at Birdie in a Barn is custom styling for your event. We love to have couples visit us in the barn and have fun helping them choose the perfect aesthetic for the occasion. We are sticklers for design and detail and we have a vast amount of resources to pull from. We want you to have a great experience so we offer options that are tailored to fit within your budget.

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Sample Designs

This lounge area is a classical eclectic feel, with a simple white and blush palette. We began with a vintage blush rug from our collection. Next we added our little cream brocade loveseat we call Carole. We found her tucked away in a garage and knew she could be repurposed. Because we had decided on a loveseat for this setting and not a full sized couch, we added four chairs to the area. The three cream colored chairs are Hannah, Natalie, and Camila. The contrasting chair is Jeanne. She is a satin blush and light green chair with a tufted back. Of course we added pillows to enhance the seating area. We used our furry white pillows and our vintage blush pillows for something different. We added three tables to the setting. The first one is our Mid-Century Modern, marble topped, coffee table we call Weston. Next we added a little French gold leafed side dresser called Cecil. Love the detailed tole painting on him. To compliment Cecil, we added a side table called Rosie. Her glass top and gold leafed floral base added to the romance of the setting. When it came to adding light, we knew we had to add our MCM crystal lamp with the ruffled barrel lampshade. We also knew a chandelier was needed to finish off the lighting. We had a multitude of accessories to choose from, candles a must, and flowers a necessity. Put it all together and you have a beautiful finished lounge area that can go with just about any color scheme.


This Boho lounge area can be a little more masculine. A bright colored vintage rug came first. We thought our macrame curtain wall hanging would blend nicely with the furnishings so we decided to use it. We found these original Mid-Century Modern wooden beads in a box tucked away at a flea market.. Recognizing they were used originally as a curtain we decided to give them a new look. We added three wicker pieces, a white etagere named Kenny, a natural colored chair, called Lilly, with a white fluffy throw pillow, and a petite white wicker side table, Melinda.. We added two other chairs, Jasper, a light brown MCM stuffed chair with a tufted back and nubby fabric, and a brown leather square chair with tufted back and arms called Renaldo. We made sure to add a rattan coffee table with a glass top, to add another texture, called Rexford. Ceramic lanterns, brass accessories and lots of green plants finished off this rugged look.

A cozy wedding dessert lounge combined the best of both worlds, visiting and eating. The base of this design was a vintage rug. We chose one with yellows, golds, and oranges. We next added one of our industrial backdrop bars with a lace puddled curtain. The curtain looked great both hanging down and drawn back. This is a perfect addition to any ceremony or reception. We decided to use two chairs, so we picked the matching set of gold velvet Bergere chairs with cream painted wood frames with gold leafing. They pulled the gold tone out of the rug rather perfectly. Each of the chairs have a caned back and French Provincial legs. We simply call them Anastasia. Beside each chair we added some accent tables. The first one was a round marble topped table with a brass base we call Grace. Grace held the vintage stoneware dessert plates and mismatched silverware for the dessert bar. Of course we included a set of brass candlesticks of graduating heights. The other table was a square white wicker table with a scrolled design. We call her Melinda. She had one lone dahlia in a vintage amber glass vase. The star of the show was the vintage vanity with the white crackled finish we call Venita. She belonged to our grandmother. She made the perfect dessert bar displaying all sorts of treats from Costco bakery, proving that even the simple things can look great if they are displayed right. All the cake plates are from our collection too, as well as the brass sign holder.

When designing a dessert area it is best to decide how the items you’ve chosen might be best displayed. This particular dessert bar was created to feel intimate and cozy. We started with a base, or colorful vintage rug. A rug adds an element of coziness, especially in an outdoor setting. Next we added three wicker elements to the lounge area. The first wicker piece we added was a vintage love seat in brown called Lola. To add a little contrast and softness to her we accessorized with two white furry pillows. The other chair we chose was a white peacock chair called Betty. We accessorized Betty with colorful Boho pillows with a floral design, pulling the color of the rug into the seating. Melinda was the third wicker piece. She is a square white wicker accent table with scrolled details. We used green plants to add a natural element with containers from our collection. The desserts themselves were displayed on our three shelve iron display rack. It is decorated with black wrought iron scrolls. We added candles, flowers, and treats on pedestal dishes. The whole look became inviting.